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Frequently Asked Questions

Which service do you offer?

Easy-to-use solution to create your own website and publish your property on the web, both for renting and selling purposes. Lots of great, menu-driven functionality, such as multi language, choice of layout and colors, photos, connection to Googlemaps, what is nearby, property availability overview, property pricing, listing of events, email functionality and visit reporting. Great functionality and ongoing development for a minimum yearly fee, at a fraction of the cost of developing and maintaining a website!

Can I ever change my publication?

You can always change the content of your publication and the way it is presented. Changes will be immediately visible.

Which information should I publish? offers you numorous preset fields and pieces of information, to support your publication. You are ultimately the one who decides what you want to publish.

Which format do the pictures need to have?

You best use JPEG format. The size is free to choose and can be altered with the available tool in Remember that a bigger size give sharper pictures, but also take longer to download for the person who visits your website.

What is the difference between and other websites? provides only publishing services to the property owner. There is no commercial activity towards people who are looking for a property, neither does it charge for rentals or whatsoever. does not interfere in the contact between the owner and the person who makes contact.

How do I delete my property or my account?

A property can be deleted after login as the owner.

For deleting your account, you best send us an email. We will deal with your request with the highest care.

There is no refund for remaining yearly fee.